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Calmino group’s business concept is to develop products which promote the health and wellbeing of people in the international market. Today the company can be associated with various brands which include products ranging from well-documented finished products, to raw materials, unique plant extracts and information based websites. The company also believes in supporting its products with scientific knowledge and clinical studies, which adds to the uniqueness of the products. 

Calmino group continues to strive and we aim at further expanding our range of healthcare and wellbeing products for people around the world!


Aloemega® is a series of oral care products based on a combination of Aloe vera and the fatty acid Omega-7 from sea buckthorn. Aloemega® is today run as a separate company called – Aloemega Health Care AB. The company has its roots from the University of Gothenburg and focuses on developing and selling oral care products based on a combination of substances that have proven to be especially good for keeping your mouth and teeth healthy and counteract a number of dental problems.


Products in this oral care series include toothpaste, toothgel, dental floss, mouthwash, lozenge and mouth spray. The well-defined content of the aloemega oral care series– a combination of Aloe vera and sea buckthorn – has also successfully completed a randomized double blind study carried out using Aloemega® toothgel at the Institute of Odontology at Sahlgrenska academy, University of Gothenburg. This unique toothpaste was shown to have an effect on reduction of plaque formation and gingival inflammation.

Aloemega® toothgel

Aloemega® toothgel is a unique toothgel developed in Sweden, specially designed for daily cleaning of the teeth and mouth sensitive mucous membranes. It is also environmentally friendly and”gentle” toothpaste that does not contain triclosan or irritant sodium lauryl sulphate.

The toothgel underwent a Product testing, where it was shown to have an effect on reduction of plaque formation and gingival inflammation. The toothpaste has fresh mint flavor and contains fluoride which strengthens enamel, protects against plaque and prevents tooth decay. It was well accepted and liked by majority of the people who tested the product.


“Alltomibs.se” or simply translated as “All about IBS” is a Swedish site for all those who want to know more about IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. On alltomibs.se you will be able to find current information on everything related to IBS – from the latest research findings on the causes of the disease, new treatment options and diagnosis methods, as well as for recipes and fitness exercises to suit and benefit people suffering from IBS.

The main idea behind the page is to provide timely, accessible and quality-assured information on IBS and the related disease areas. Alltomibs.se aims at being a “reader friendly” and “benefit the reader” website. It will continuously be adapted to readers’ requests. Readers can also submit their own articles which after a quality review by the editorial team may be published on the webpage. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to suggest a topic that the editorial team could address in an article or if you find any information or any article on our site to be inaccurate/ incorrect and would like to have it changed.

Alltomibs.se is managed and operated by Calmino group AB, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Gothenburg. This website is currently only written in Swedish, but the editorial team is in the process of developing a similar webpage written in English for readers around the world!

Welcome to http://www.alltomibs.se and stay tuned for our new website in English!

Aloe Vera+®

Aloe Vera+® effervescent tablets are a dietary supplement which provide the daily requirement for Aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin B12.

Each carton of Aloe Vera+® contains 30 tablets, which altogether is comparable to 1.5 litters of 99% Aloe vera juice. The effervescent tablet when dissolved in a glass of water produces a drink with a fresh lemon flavor.

The product is manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards in a GMP certified facility. Aloe Vera +® is KOSHER certified and is is gluten-, lactose-and soy-free. The product was developed in Sweden and is marketed outside the Nordic region by local distributors.