Vera+® is a series of skin care and health care products, all of which are based on the health benefits of Aloe vera. The products are developed in Sweden and contain a well-defined extract from a particular part of the plant Aloe barbadensis Miller. The brand is subdivided into two main sub-groups namely Vera+® Skin care and Vera+® Health and wellbeing including products ranging from hand lotion, heat lotion to various effervescent tabletts.

The series has received great response from consumers around the world and is sold through collaboration between Calmino group AB and various marketing companies around the world. Calmino group continues to strive to develop and further expand this series with similar high quality products.

Vera+® Products

Vera+® Skin care series includes a range of skin care products such as hand lotion, heat lotion, after sun gel and moisturizing lotion.

Vera+® Health and Wellbeing series includes a range of effervescent tables namely Aloe plus, Aloe kick start and Aloe immune, containing a combination of Aloe vera and various essential vitamins and minerals for the healthy functioning of the body.

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