Private Label

Besides our own brands and product range, Calmino group AB also develops products under private label. We have experience in developing products in various business areas, but are not restricted to, areas such as healthcare & wellbeing and cosmetics & skin care.

From idea to market

We provide private label support services from …

  • product research and development
  • product design
  • packaging

… through to product branding and till your ready to launch finished product. We help you take your product from idea to market – your One Link–One Solution to having your own brand! Read more about our services below.

Your One link – One Solution

The path from Product Idea to Finished Product is not an easy one, with several hurdles to cross till you reach the finish line. The process is very long and tedious, including various steps from product concept, research and development to finding the right suppliers and marketing partners, packaging development and let’s not forget all the regulatory questions and issues.

We are your One link – One Solution! We can take you from Idea to Market – to see your product and your brand in the market! Let’s make things easier for you – contact us today at

Why are we a suitable choice for our partners?

  • Idea to market – your One Link!
  • Experience and expertise in Private Label development.
  • High quality and safety products.
  • Innovative solutions – we think outside the box!
  • We provide concrete and competitive solutions.
  • Flexibility in selecting suppliers and service providers – cost effective solutions
  • Unique and personalized service packages.
  • Dedicated team and strong support network.

Support Services

We provide Private Label support services from product ideas and concept, product development, product design, product packaging, product branding through to a ready to launch finished product! We can also help in developing a unique and quality product by helping you with claims, certifications, trademarks and also take you through all the regulatory hurdles. The process of product development can be very complex involving several different suppliers and services during the entire journey. Our competitive services also give you an added advantage of flexibility. You are not bound to one supplier or manufacturer. We help you compare and select the most cost effective and competitive solution for you at every stage!

Our Private Label Team and vast support network helps you through all the necessary steps and more! To help and support our clients through the Private Label journey we uniquely personalize our services to suit our clients’ needs. Our One Link – One Solution concept can help your through the whole process from Idea to Market or we can be your missing link at any stage to help launch your brand and your product. Our dedicated and experienced Private Label team is here to help! For more information contact us at
Read more about our services below.

Our Services

Product Idea and Product Concept

If you have an Idea we can support it with market research, consumer demand survey and competitor study. We can also be your personal brain storming team or your reference team to help come up with new ideas and concepts, including growing your brand or your range of existing products.

Product Development

Our Product development services can help develop a quality product based on your criteria and requirements. Our services include recipe formulations, sourcing and finding suitable suppliers and manufacturers, product safety testing, labeling, claims, certifications, regulatory questions and issues, competitive pricing options etc. to help develop your quality product.

Packaging Development

When it comes to packaging the choices are abundant. But besides being important for the appearance and appeal of your product, packaging options must also provide functionality, product stability and be competitive in price. Our Packaging experts can help you with packaging material, packaging type and alternatives, graphic artwork, design and more.

Product Branding

To help you gain a competitive edge and individuality in the market we can help you with our branding and brand development services, which include logo development, registered trademark, promotional items, product photography, website development, product promotional video, marketing portfolio, branding stratergies etc.

Consulting and Miscellaneous services

Launching your product in the market is just half the battle won. A successful product requires continual work and we can help you with post launch services such as setting up a routine product testing schedule, finished product testing, customer services, surveys, be your reference group etc. We also have expertise and several years of experience in Import and Export within EU as well as with countries outside EU. If you are looking to import and market an international product into the Swedish market –we can help!

For more information contact us at or through our contact form given below.

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