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PROIBS® is a product for the treatment of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Problems and symptoms characterized with abdominal pain, irritable bowel and/or irregular bowel functions are known as IBS.

PROIBS® contains a plant extract called AVH200®, which has successfully completed a randomized placebo study at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden.

IBS: what is it?

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a multi-symptomatic functional bowel disorder, which although considered to be relatively harmless is one of the world's most common diseases.

IBS – who is affected?
IBS affects almost 10-15% of the adult population around the world, whilst many people still remain undiagnosed and never seek medical help. The disorder is slightly more prevalent in women than in men and onsets usually before the age of 40.

IBS is characterized by recurrence of symptoms in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract such as chronic abdominal pain, cramping, an upset stomach with diarrhea/constipation or alternating between the two, bloating, flatulence and hasty need to visit the toilet. This disorder also affects young active people and is sometimes also called “stressed stomach” or “bloated stomach”.

Diagnosis and treatment
The diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome is usually determined by the physician based on the typical complaint pattern, medical history as well as the exclusion of other diseases. Regardless of being so prevalent, there is lack of both knowledge and effective treatment for IBS.

Frequently asked questions

What is IBS?

Read information under the heading “What is IBS

Always consult your doctor or dietician for diagnosis, advice and treatment of your condition.

How do I know if I am suffering from IBS?

Read information under the heading “What is IBS

Always consult your doctor or dietician for diagnosis, advice and treatment options for your condition.

How does PROIBS® work?

There is currently ongoing research being carried out to determine the mode of action for PROIBS® when taken as a supplement to diet and how it affects those who have been diagnosed with IBS. There are a number of different theories about how PROIBS® works and most likely the product has a variety of positive effects.



How long must I take PROIBS® for it to show a positive effect?

IBS is a multi-symptomatic bowel disorder with symptoms differing from person to person and ranging from mild to severe. How the stomach reacts to the different treatment options differs from person to person and also depends on the type of symptoms.

The study carried out on PROIBS® showed promising effects from a few days for some people and up to a few weeks for others, with consumption of two portions per day. Some users felt the difference after much shorter periods of use. Many who consumed PROIBS® also went down to one portion a day after a while or took it when necessary with continued good results.

A doctor or dietitian must be consulted to further help make a diagnosis and provide personalized advice and treatment options for people suffering from IBS.

Does PROIBS® have any side effects?

No known side effects have been reported in the studies carried out on using PROIBS® for the dietary management of IBS. PROIBS® is a food for medical purposes and should not be consumed if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Always consult your doctor or dietician for diagnosis, advice and treatment of your condition.

Can I consume PROIBS® during pregnancy?

PROIBS® is a food for medical purposes and all the ingredients it contains are approved for use in a variety of food products available in the market today. There is however no specific study carried out on how this particular product works on pregnancy.

We always recommend that you discuss all forms of treatment including self-care with your doctor / maternity clinic during pregnancy to get a professional assessment for your treatment options.

What does PROIBS® taste of?

PROIBS® has a fresh lemon flavor. 8 out of 10 users gave the taste a top rating (5 of 5).

Who is responsible for marketing PROIBS®?

PROIBS®is a trademark of Calmino group AB. In the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) PROIBS® is marketed and distributed by Nordic Drugs AB.

Nordic Drugs employees with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, along with marketing and distribution, are also responsible for educating pharmacies and nursing staff in order to be able to answer all possible questions about PROIBS®. Read more at

Where can I buy PROIBS®?

PROIBS® is currently sold in all the Swedish pharmacy chains. PROIBS® can also be ordered  at pharmacies or online to be delivered directly to your home (currently only within Sweden). If you are in Sweden please visit to order PROIBS® online.

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