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Calmino group AB focus on the discovery, development, and commercialization of safe and effective products for gut health.

Calmino’s business model is based on long-term partner relationships with collaborators, suppliers and distributors. Thanks to a partner network of leading, independent researchers and specialists, production experts and local distribution partners worldwide, a relatively small company like Calmino group AB can have a global distribution that makes our products available in several European countries but also internationally including regions worldwide such as the Middle East, South Africa and Japan. 


Calmino group AB was founded in 2003, initially focusing on import of raw materials for food and cosmetics. In parallel several product development projects were initiated and soon our first product was out on the market in Sweden. During the years many different products have been developed including food, food supplements, dental products and cosmetics some of them are sold under our own brands and some as private label.

Since 2007 our focus has been on products aimed to improve human gut health. In 2010, Calmino launched a product for the dietary management of IBS under the brand PROIBS®. After many successful years on the pharmacy market the product was recently certified as a Medical Device for the treatment of IBS symptoms. PROIBS® is recommended by health care professionals, pharmacists and consumers.

Our team

Tobias Kisker

Managing Director


Fredrik Larsson, PhD

Product & Quality Manager


Bani Ahluwalia, MSc 



Sara Alexandersson 

Communications Manager


Hozan Sadek



Karin Kisker

Financial Manager


Tanguy Debaisieux

Export Sales


Our values ​​and ethical principles

Calmino wants to create outstanding value for customers, employees, and suppliers, while at the same time contributing to sustainable development. In order to achieve this, we work actively to evaluate our impact on the environment and to improve the quality and safety of our products. We believe that long-term and trusting relationships is one of the keys to provide products that do good.

Here are a few examples of what we mean by ethics, environment, safety and quality.



Taking care of our environment is a responsibility we all share. We carefully select our suppliers and components/ingredients to minimize negative impact on the environment. Our suppliers and customers are spread all over the world. Freight transports are necessary for our products to reach customers in time and we constantly work to reduce negative impact like emissions from our transports.



As a Calmino employee, ethics guide our daily decisions. We follow our “sleep well at night principle” making choices we can stand up for.

We believe that diversity contribute to new ideas and innovation and we treat others as equals with kindness and respect. In our company, zero tolerance applies to discrimination, violations and harassment.



Every product sold by Calmino must meet our high-quality standards. This is achieved partly by careful selection of quality certified suppliers and regular audits of manufacturing sites to see by our own eyes. We also perform our own testing of finished products but we also send products to external independent laboratories for testing to assure that they fulfil our quality standards.



Safety for our employees, co-workers, consumers and the environment is a requirement and an essential element of building and maintaining public trust in our products. As an example we carefully evaluate the safety of all products and ingredients with regards to potential health risks before they go to market, using well-established risk assessment methods to understand both hazards and potential exposures. Therefore, we can assure that our products and packages will be safe for consumers and the environment when used as intended.

Calmino also perform scientific research and all research is conducted in ethical manner with safety as main priority.

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