Latest abstract published in the UEG Journal – UEG Week Virtual 2020 Abstract Issue

At Calmino Group AB, we believe in “Continuous learning leads to continuous growth” through new research and collaborations. 

Our latest research abstract titled “A distinct intestinal microenvironment linked to bowel habits in patients with irritable bowel syndrome” by Bani Ghei Ahluwalia and her co-authors: Lena Öhman, Magnus Simrén, Cristina Iribarren Gómez, Alastair Ross, Otto Savolainen, Hans Törnblom, Johanna Sundin and Maria K Magnusson, published in the latest number of the UEG Journal, showcasing all the latest gastroenterology research presented at the UEG Week Virtual 2020. 

Read our abstract here.

UEG Week Virtual | UEG - United European Gastroenterology

About UEG, or United European Gastroenterology

Founded in 1992, UEG, or United European Gastroenterology, is a professional non-profit organisation combining all the leading European medical specialist and national societies focusing on digestive health. Its mission is to improve the prevention and care of digestive diseases in Europe through providing education, supporting research and improving clinical standards.

UEG Week is the largest congress of its kind in Europe and is held once a year. It has been running since 1992 and now attracts more than 13,000 people from around the world. It features the latest advances in clinical management and research in the field of digestive and liver disease.The high quality of accepted abstracts confirms that UEG Week continues to be an important forum to present the latest research in the gastroenterology field.

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