We are happy to announce that PROIBS® will soon be available in a new country in Europe!
Calmino Group is proud to announce that we have just signed a new agreement for the distribution of PROIBS® as a Medical Device in another country in Europe.  This agreement aligns well with our vision to successfully contribute towards improving health and well-being for people with digestive and gastrointestinal disorders and expanding PROIBS® reach. With this new collaboration, we are happy to add a strong partner to our existing distribution network in Europe and we look forward to bring PROIBS® to a new market later this year.  Watch this space to stay updated! 
What is PROIBS®?

PROIBS® is a certified medical device product for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS such as abdominal pain, bloating and changes in bowel movement (diarrhoea and/or constipation).

PROIBS® Poster with a lemon and the boxes of proibs it says

How does PROIBS® work?

Watch the video below to see how PROIBS®  works.

To learn more about PROIBS®, go to https://proibs.eu/

We are looking for distributors worldwide.

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