We are happy to announce that Calmino group AB and Ewopharma (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the territories of Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to launch PROIBS® for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS. This agreement includes all marketing and sales activities of PROIBS® as of April 2022.

“With PROIBS®, we are able to provide an innovative and certified medical device for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS. The product has been on the Swedish pharmacy market for more than a decade. Because it is recommended by physicians and dietitians, we can promote PROIBS® with absolute confidence. We are looking forward to offering a solution that truly improves the liveability of the affected people.”

Simone Thomas

Senior Product Manager, Ewopharma Group

What is PROIBS?
PROIBS® is a certified medical device product for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS such as abdominal pain, bloating and changes in bowel movement (diarrhoea and/or constipation).

PROIBS® Poster with a lemon and the boxes of proibs it says

How does PROIBS work?

Video about PROIBS® .

To learn more about PROIBS®, go to https://proibs.eu/

We are looking for distributors worldwide.

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