Research & Development

Our Research Focus

Gut health is our Passion!

The primary focus area of our research is gastrointestinal function and disease and disorders associated with the gastrointestinal tract.  Our key mission is to develop safe, effective and well-documented gut health products based on scientific research and clinically know-how. 

Our Research Objectives
  • Strengthening existing indications for current products, based on our unique and chemically characterized hydrogel extract.
  • Keeping in step with the current and emerging scientific research, our research also involves investigation of gut microbiota and metabolomic profiles as prediction tools for treatment efficacy, as well as potential underlying mechanisms of action  for our unique  extracts.
  • Conducting high-quality research including pre-clinical and clinical studies. All studies are ethically approved and all research activities committed towards publishing in peer-reviewed/medical journals and at medical/scientific congresses.
Research Network

Calmino R&D team collaborates with prominent researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Chalmers University of technology, as well as having access to a large knowledge-bank of international scientific competence. Our rich scientific network enables us to be part of the rapidly developing and cutting edge research.

Calmino group strongly believes in “Research being the backbone to a successful and superior product”, which has led the company to sponsor and actively partake in a collaborative  Research Project “Aloe barbadensis Mill. as a therapeutic option for gastrointestinal disorders” in collaboration with Magnus Simren, MD, PhD and Professor Lena Öhman at the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska academy, Sweden. This unique multidisciplinary project also benefits from its collaboration with Associate Professor, Alastair Ross at Chalmers University of technology.

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