About Us

Calmino group AB is a research and development company working in various business areas such as gastrointestinal diseases, oral and skin care. We also produce products for private label in various business areas.

The company along with its business ethics, belief, driven team and strong network including suppliers, manufactures, researcher, doctors and consultants aims at developing a range of healthcare and wellbeing products for people around the world.

Calmino Group

Calmino group AB develops well-documented products within the life science industry, in order to promote health and wellbeing for people in the international market.

Calmino group AB was founded in 2003 and has since worked with high quality commodity import and export and developing well-documented products for private labels. Since 2005, the company has focused on developing proprietary products and brands in various business areas such as gastrointestinal healthcare, oral care and skin care. In 2009 Calmino group AB established its headquarters at Sahlgrenska Science Park, located next door to well known research institutes – Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. In 2010 the company launched and introduced PROIBS® into all the Swedish pharmacies. In July 2013, Nordic Drugs took over the sales and marketing of PROIBS® within the nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland).

Business Concept

Calmino group's business concept is to develop well-documented products under their own brands which promote health and wellbeing for people in the international market.

Since 2007 several scientific studies have been carried out on the company's products at various well reputed institutes such as the Faculty of Odontology, Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The company has its headquarters at Sahlgrenska Science Park located next door to these two research institutions. Calmino group AB believes in well-documented products and aims to carry out additional scientific studies to further support and strengthen the credibility of their products. Follow up studies are currently being carried out at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Since 2009, Calmino group AB has been a member of the Society of Medicine in the West, an association for the Life Sciences companies. Read more at www.medicinivast.se